Fermented on Genuwine Winery Dried Grape Skins and toasted French oak chips, this is an assertively full-bodied wine with a delectable nose of black cherries, dark chocolate, and well balanced oak. It offers ripe dark fruit flavours cradled by firm tannins culminating in an almost endless finish

Cabarnet Merlot

The soft character of Merlot is the perfect foil for Cabernet’s intensity, resulting in a smooth, lightly oaked wine with the fullness of ripe berries

Cabarnet Sauvignon

Prized for its depth of flavour and aroma, it boasts a cherry-currant flavour with herbal undertones, nicely rounded with oak


A classic, light-bodied, Italian-style red, subtly accented with oak and admired for its velvety texture and rich fruitiness


A fresh wine best consumed in its youth. Cherries and plums fill the nose while sweet cherry follows through to the palate, where it lingers gracefully


A smooth, rich wine, medium dark in colour, with notes of blackberry and currants. A hint of green olive in the bouquet will pleasantly surprise you

Pinot Noir

A rich red wine, hearty in nature and smooth in flavour. The soft texture and dark colour compliment the flavours of berry fruit, with a subtle raspberry undertone


This deep ruby red wine is well balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, plums and toasted oak. Full-bodied in structure, it is robustly built with chewy tannins and streaks of chocolate leading up to an elegant finish


An intense, deep-coloured red wine boasting a velvety yet fruity flavour with a long, lingering finish. Aging will only add to the complexity of this wine

Château du Roi

A complex blend of varietals, this rich wine is dark in colour and high in tannin, leaving a hint of plum on the palate. Excellent aging potential


This easy-drinking dry wine is a blend of a variety of grapes typically light-bodied with a soft, fruity aroma. This full-flavoured wine is smooth, clean, and well balanced


This supple, elegant wine boasts rich aromas of honey and tropical fruits while apples, melon, and toasted oak notes tantalize the palate


Aromatic, off-dry and rich with the character of tropical fruit, this medium-bodied Gewürztraminer is a perfect accompaniment to spicy foods


A delicately dry German-style wine with a light, fruity flavour and clean in taste. A crisp, dry wine that’s pleasant in its youth.

Pinot Grigio

This wine is dry with overtones of green melon leading to a crisp, clean finish. A bouquet of honey and herbs completes the experience


A light coloured, delicately flavoured wine which offers a slight tartness. A hint of lime flavour and spicy bouquet compliment the clean taste

Sauvignon Blanc

Prized for its depth of flavour and aroma, it boasts a cherry-currant flavour with herbal undertones, nicely rounded with oak

White Zinfanzel

An off-dry, light-bodied blush that’s best served chilled to emphasize its strawberry notes and soft, slightly fruity taste